Recovery Support

My call to the mental health profession was driven by personal experiences related to the many challenges associated with addiction. As such, much of my professional work to date has been focused on providing a safe space for individuals, couples and families to navigate and make sense of this overwhelming and scary experience. Whether you're having questions or concerns about yourself or a loved one, have completed treatment and are looking for additional support, or have been in recovery for some period of time and are seeking something new, I believe I have valuable information and experience that may offer direction and peace of mind. I have worked at both the residential and outpatient level of substance abuse treatment, and have extensive knowledge about the process, from start to finish. 

I believe all clients possess inner wisdom and expertise into their own struggles, which leads me to work collaboratively with you to create mutually agreed upon goals. This does not mean I will not challenge you or be directive, but rather I will respect your individual journey while supporting you in achieving your goals.

Along with professional experience, I have been successfully navigating my own process of recovery since 2010. I have extensive 12-step knowledge, however the majority of my recovery experience (personal and professional) has been non-12-step oriented. I do offer a free phone consultation to assess fit.

Focus Therapy, Jay Wick, LMFT, Substance Abuse Treatment